Officina Milanese was created with the intention of making a classic trousers but comfortable fit, dandy and casual at the same time, but without losing the quality of the real Made in Italy.

We at Officina Milanese we have set a goal: to create a unique pants.

We realize this goal not only by offering a truly exceptional product, but also making sure that your Officina Milanese pants is much more than just an object of desire.

In addition, to ensure that every Officina Milanese pants meets our rigorous standards and your expectations high, each pants combines a unique trilogy of craftsmanship, materials and finishes.

We use the finest fabrics from the finest Italian wool mills, as Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana, Zignone and others, all subjected to a carefully selected not only for their extraordinary beauty, but also for their exceptional strength.

The buttons used by us are all made from mother of pearl.

Our commitment to creating a truly unique trousers also takes the form customization to our customers, enabling them to fully express their individuality.